Leopardstar leader

Windfur is a golden she-cat with brown, black, and white splotches.


Windfur was born a RiverClan and WidClan cat. She was half Clan. Her father was Nightpelt, and her mother was Morningdew. She had two littermates, Tigerkit and Bluekit. Her parents were afraid for her and her littermates, so they ran off in search of land of their own. Later, Nightpelt and Morningdew giot in a fight, and became single again. They found Lion on the way, and it was instant love for Morningdew. Tigerkit, who was apprentice age, despised Lion, and beleived he'd stolen his mom from Nightpelt. The cats, including all three adults, continue on to see a wild orest, more of a jungle. The cats got used to their suuroundings, and Windkit, who'd now been able to become a warrior, got her warrior name, along with her sisters, Tigersmoke and Bluewing.

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